Bit by bit to Crypto Bit

Looking for a fast and easy way to buy and sell Bitcoin and Litecoin in Tbilisi, Georgia? Cryptocurrencies have become increasingly popular in Georgia during recent years, because they are viewed as...

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Irakli Iagorashvili about his experience at IAF

Irakli Iagorashvili recently attended International Academy for Leadership (IAF), in this article he speaks about his expereience at IAF and how he sees his future from now on.

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Irakli Iagorashvili

Media pluralism in Georgia endangered

On 21 February 2018 the Parliament of Georgia overruled the veto of the country’s President by 83 votes to 13 on amendments to the new "Law on Broadcasting." The law is designed to enable the...

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The appreciation of Teamwork at IAF

Dimitri Oboladze was the participant from Georgia at International Academy for Leadership (IAF), in this article he shares about his experience.

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My most essential experience at International Academy for Leadership

Ani Samsonyan Shares her story at FNF's International Academy for Leadership.

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Ani Samsonyan

Freedom in Art and Culture (Europe in the Suitcase)

“Europe in a Suitcase” was 4 days international project, which took place in Georgia from 20-24 November in two cities of Georgia – Tbilisi, Gori and in one Art-Villa Garikula. It invovled...

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Interview with Khatia Tchapodze

The interview with the moderator of Tbilisi Marathon 2017, Khatia Tschapodze, who is also an Alumni of FNF's Freedom Academy South Caucasus, a project aimed at training facilitators and moderators.

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Khatia Tschapodze

Tbilisi Marathon 2017 Registration

Registration page for Tbilisi Marathon 2017 FNF Team.

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Irakli Mikiani, Georgia: Best ways to confront bigotry and intolerance in the face of populism