The appreciation of Teamwork at IAF


Creating the better future for next generations should be the goal of every open-mined person and individual skills may not always be enough, this is one of the lessons I learned during my stay in Gummersbach. 

During two week workshop session, I learned that appreciating team members around you and creating an environment that gives everyone equal chance to express themselves produces the ideas which help you to have better results. one of my greatest achievements during IAF, are the bonds I established with my fellow participants. I was able to meet great people from all around the world, who like me were looking for the same thing I did, the knowledge. They were open minded and eager to help in overcoming challenges.

Additionally, at the academy I learned the importance of "Thinking Environment" and the ways of creating it. It is amazing how much a group can do by using simple techniques like metaplan boards, in overcoming existing obstacles with efficiency. Program design and scripting coupled with teamwork taught me how to be more productive and the time managing, skills that are important in both professional and personal fields.

To sum up the topic about the amazing experience at IAF, I would say that the knowledge I gained and brilliant people I met will always be on my mind.

Dimitri Oboladze