My most essential experience at International Academy for Leadership

Ani Samsonyan

“Never give up” was one of the most crucial messages I took note of during Gummersbach courses. It goes without saying that I spotted a great deal of other important ideas during the course, which then transformed into brainstorming challenges for me. But we will catch up on them later, for I would first of all like to share with you the answer to the question I asked myself at the beginning of the course: "What do I need?". Since branding is a priority in my everyday work, I've previously identified two aspects of the subject: brand promotion and brand crisis. This approach enabled to focus more efficiently on those tools or common techniques that I needed the most.

  • 1. Brand promotion. Attending the presentation of the structured seven-step branding strategy, I obtained an opportunity to review and further improve some specific features of my organization at every single step. It can be regarded as a kind of SWOT analysis, which let me reveal a number of weaknesses in my organization and think on a few practical solutions for those problems.


Ani Samsonyan

I also received an answer to another question I was interested in: “How to create proper conditions for the organization’s brand and its members’ brands to be identical. In this regard, I must particularly mention the role of the practical activities that helped us analyze the behavior of our co-workers, as well as the peculiarities of their manifestations and management. I saved all the worksheets that I personally worked on in order to pass them to my colleagues and let them as well analyze the major points.

  • 2. Brand crisis. The trainings on this topic, held in Berlin by the Estonian and German experts, fully met my requirements. Illustrated with concrete examples, their presentations completed my comprehension of brand crisis situations and their efficient solutions. I learned a single golden rule: “One error does not necessarily mean failure”. Studying the success story of Germany’s Free Democratic Party rebranding, I noted down several steps that can be adapted to specific local environment and be applied in appropriate situations.
Ani Samsonyan

The impact of the theoretical and practical course on political branding, as well as the information obtained at business meetings, had three main dimensions for me. Those are as follows:

  • On the one hand, the course reasserted my previous experience and knowledge, particularly in regard to the study of marketing peculiarities of branding;
  • On the other hand, it changed some of my stereotypes on branding, for instance, how to break all the rules without losing company’s face;
  • In other cases, it created some associations which, in their turn, generate baseline for new ideas, such as my elaborated rule of trust acquisition with small-scale actions.
Ani Samsonyan

In this unique environment designed to think, talk, and act independently, I've learned to learn faster and in a multifaceted manner. Gummersbach academy gave me a great thesaurus of values that must be implemented in my political activity.

“Be a mentor”, as our team facilitator Trisha Lord would frequently say. As a conclusion, I would like to mention that, as a mentor, I commit myself to share with other people and distribute the backpack of information and knowledge I have brought with me.

Ani Samsonyan